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Date: 11th July 2018
2 In 1 Head Touch Screen Bga Rework Station
2 in 1 head Touch Screen BGA Rework Station1. Product description of 2 in 1 head bga rework station DH-A1LDinghua BGA Rework Station? DH-A1LThis machine is for repairing?motherboard IC/Chip/Chipset of Laptop,Website:, Mobile, PC, iPhone, Xbox, etc. With features?3-heater(2xHot air+IR Preheating), embedded Smart PC, Auto Profile, Cooling Fan, Laser? Position , Soldering? Iron, Vacuum Pick-up & Place, Universal Support for most of the PCB Size/Shape.2. Product specification of 2 in 1 head bga rework station DH-A1L?DH-A1L ?SpecificationProduct namesoldering and desoldering machinePower4900WTop heaterHot air 800WBottom heaterHot air 1200W, Infrared 2800WIron heater90wPower supplyAC220V?10% 50/60HzDimension640*730*580mmPositioningV-groove, PCB support can be adjusted in any direction ? with external universal fixtureTemperature controlK type thermocouple, closed loop control, independent ? heatingTemp accuracy?2 degreesPCB sizeMax 500*400 mm Min 22*22 mmBGA chip2*2-80*80mmMinimum chip spacing0.15mmExternal Temperature Sensor1(optional)Net weight45kg?3. Product advantages of? 2 in 1 head bga rework station DH-A1L?4. Product details of 2 in 1 head bga rework station DH-A1L??5. Why Choose 2 in 1 head bga rework station DH-A1L?Precise PID smart temp control , the No.1 key factor for the quality of BGA Rework Station Temperature curve.?Accurate rework only heats the chips where is needed. All excess heat will reflow back to ensure the components around BGA will not be influenced .?Heating doesn't influence the appearance of PCB even after using several times.6. Packing, delivery? of 2 in 1 head bga rework station DH-A1L????????7. Contact us for more details of BGA Rework Station ???8. Know something about BGA?Light BGA package materialOptical BGA packaged shells are often made of ceramic materials. This rugged ceramic material has many advantages, such as design flexibility with micro design rules, simple process technology, high performance and high reliability, generally by changing the physics of the shell The structure can be designed for optical BGA packages.?Ceramic materials also have airtightness and good primary reliability. This is due to the fact that the thermal diffusion coefficient of the ceramic material is very similar to the thermal diffusion coefficient of the GaAs device material. Moreover, since the ceramic material can be three-dimensionally wired with overlapping channels, the overall package size will be reduced.?In general, heat can be controlled when mounting optical devices because heat can deform the package. Final alignment of the optical device with the optical fiber can also produce movement that will change the optical characteristics. With ceramic materials, thermal deformation is small. Therefore, ceramic materials are very suitable for optoelectronic component packaging and have a significant impact on the optical communications transmission network market.
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