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Date: 11th July 2018
2 Heating Zones Touch Screen Bga Rework Station
2 Heating Zones Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine1. Product Features of 2 Heating Zones Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine1. Made of high quality heating material; desoldering and soldering procedures of BGA are precisely controlled; 2. Movable heating head, which is able to move freely horizontally, easy to operated; 3. Embedded industrial computer, PLC control, real-time profile display, able to display set profile and practically-tested profile; big size screen, easy to operate;? 4.Profile saving no limit in this industrial computer, can analyze the two practically-tested profiles, can input both English and Chinese; 5. The temperatures of the upper and lower hot air heaters can be precisely controlled according to their specific temperatures. The infrared constant temperature heating zone at the bottom area and the appropriate temperature-control settings make the rework safer and more reliable. 2.Specification of 2 Heating Zones Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine3.Details of 2 Heating Zones Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine1. ?2 independent heaters ( hot air & infrared );?2. HD digital display ;?3. HD touch screen interface , PLC control ;4. Led headlamp ;4.Why Choose Our 2 Heating Zones Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine??5.Certificate of 2 Heating Zones Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine6.Packing & Shipment of 2 Heating Zones Touch Screen BGA Rework Machine8.Contact us8.Related knowledge about 2 Heating Zones Touch Screen BGA Rework MachineRepair method of disconnection and drop-off of pad of mobile phone motherboardFor the drop point and the lead wire is below the pad, use a hot air gun (temperature: 240?C, air volume: blow off the soldered spot, carefully dig out the tip with a blade, and dip the lead hole (pad) with a little solder paste, and Blow-welding makes it into a solder ball, and then washed with water. If the solder ball does not fall, it proves that the wire is soldered well and can be used normally;For the situation of disconnection and out of the pad, first use a surgical blade to scrape all the broken lead, scrape out more than 3mm, and then use Tianna water to clean and use the electric iron to put the tin on the lead, and take a small section Enameled wire that has been painted and tin-bismuth-tin coated on the tip of the scraped wire. For good position, use a hot air gun (temperature: 280?C, air flow: welding, after welding, cut the wire after the enameled wire is 2mm). Take a pin on the center of the pad, and use another pin to move the enameled wire around the positioned pin to make a circle. A circle is formed on the pad. Apply a little tin slurry to the circle and use a hot air gun. Add welding to melt it into solder ball.If the lead wire and enameled wire are difficult to weld, apply a little solder paste to the soldering joint, add it with a hot air gun (don't touch the wire with a soldering iron), and use a needle to pull the enameled wire to make it The position is straight and the tin spot is even. At this point, one pad is completed.After all breakpoints are connected, clean it with water. Take care not to mess up the new pad. Apply a little green oil on the line except the pad. The less the better, as long as you can fix the thread. Yes, after coating, put on a purple lamp for half an hour to reinstall the IC. Even if it is disassembled and assembled several times, it will not be dropped.
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